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First Barock Pinto conference Slovenia

On May 4th 2019, the first Barock Pinto conference will be held in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The conference will address the following topics throughout the day: The studbook and organization of the Barock Pinto Studbook: The Barock Pinto horse: health; exterior; movement. Breeding a Barock Pinto. The Barock Pinto in daily use and […]

Baron van Odingastate FB01 approved on the offspring

The breeding committee of the Barock Pinto Studbook, consisting of mr. H. de Ruiter, mr. B. Damstee and chairman dhr. Gerrit Stelwagen, meet several times a year to discuss the lie of the land with each other. During the meeting last November, the previous year was discussed with under further the stallion inspection results. After […]

IBOP and studbook admittance day december 8th

On Saturday the 8th of December, an IBOP & studbook admittance day was organised in the beautiful Sunrise Stables by the Barock Pinto Studbook in Assen. 6 contestants had signed up and the level was very good. Highest points of the day went to strong moving and nicely modelled  stallion Falco BP 40. This young Bontfire […]

Great spirit during Barock Pinto inspection in Denmark

Saturday September 29th 2018 Judges Gerrit Stelwagen and Rinze van Teijen traveled to the beautiful Denmark during the last weekend of September. The inspection day started with the presentation of filly Inaja (f. Constantijn BP18, owner: Inger Kristensen). Inaja showed very good movements and received a first premium with 44,5 points. The category of yearlings […]

Inspection Czech Republic 2018

This year, there was one Central Inspection held in the Czech Republic. For some participants, this meant several days of travel to be present. The inspection took place in a beautiful, large and new Equestrian center. Like earlier years, Dr. Gabriela Jasurkova Mikutova had organized the day perfectly. It was a very nice sunny fall […]

AES sketch

“The registrations are in full swing and we are proud to see so many new foals. Part of the registration is the passport application, which the Barock Pinto Studbook does through the AES. Unfortunately, we notice that there are quite a lot of incorrect of incomplete sketches being send in. We only work with the […]