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News from the breeding committee

It has recently been unanimously voted to no longer approve all stallions that carry the dwarf-gene and WFFS from 2025. A proposal has also been made to give star stallions from 40 to 41.5 points a breeding license for 10 mares. These stallions are registered and are called registrated stallions. As mentioned, this group of […]

New: Topsports-predicate

Dear (sport)lovers of the Barock Pinto Studbook, The Barock Pinto Studbook appreciates breeding of Barock Pinto sporthorses. The Barock Pinto Studbook already knows the Sportpredicate. Horses with good sportresults can achieve this predicate. The minimum requirements for getting this Sportpredicate in the Netherlands are: Dressage: Z1 + 5 x 60% Driving(dressage): Z + 5 x […]

Video Stallion Show 2020

It was a special inspection. Due to the corona measures in force on March 14, 2020, the inspection could not be attended by the public and we had a shortened program. Nevertheless it was a very nice day and new young stallions were inspected. To let you take a look, we have captured this day […]

Reminder: News from our breeding commission

Reminder, the article below was published earlier at the beginning of december 2019.  Like you know the Barock Pinto Studbook decided a few years ago to elliminate stallions who a carrier of the Hydrocephalic gene. As studbook we are the first who officialy decide this agreement. We also advice breeders to check their mares if […]

Reminder: Changes regulations per 01-01-2020

Reminder, the article below was published earlier at the beginning of december 2019.  Last year, a number of adjustments were approved at the general members meeting that were proposed by the breeding committee. Below the changed regulations concerning some matters that apply as of 1 January 2020: Horses may appear at the inspection for admission […]

(video)report inspection Norway 2019

I thought it would be nice to take you to an inspection abroad, to let you know what preparations we make and how the journey itself takes place. For example, we have been in contact with our foreign associations about the inspections this season since the spring. Gerrit Stelwagen also maintains many contacts with organizations […]

Video inspection Sweden

What a wonderful day in a fantastic environment in Sweden. On August 31, the Swedish Barock Pinto inspection was organized near Nörrkoping, which went very well. The jury was very enthusiastic about the number of entries and how the new generation of horses developed. Day champion became Goliath af Sandbäcken (Ceasar ter Linden XX05 x […]

Paola Pedrazzini came back to her horses

Written by Barock Pinto Italy. The famous Milanese breeder and driver kept us in suspense after her accident last May: but now she has returned to her beloved horses and talks about the latest successes achieved by the Barock Pinto made in Italy Biella, 15 August 2019 – Paola Pedrazzini is back, yes: after the […]

New e-mail for registrations and inspections

To create a better service to our members we have an extra and new email adress. registration@barockpintostudbook.com This email adress is specially made for registration issues and horse inspections. info@barockpintostudbook.com For general affairs you still can send your email to this regular emailadress. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or […]

First Barock Pinto conference Slovenia

On May 4th 2019, the first Barock Pinto conference will be held in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The conference will address the following topics throughout the day: The studbook and organization of the Barock Pinto Studbook: The Barock Pinto horse: health; exterior; movement. Breeding a Barock Pinto. The Barock Pinto in daily use and […]