Gebbe Ster 75

Gebbe Ster 75 Owner: M. Zuyderwijk, Schiedam (NL). Tel: +31 (0)6 40557251 Website: The stallion is more than sufficiently appealing and strongly muscled. The steps are generous with tact and regularity. In the trot we would like to see more scope with more impulsion from the hindleg. He has dry legs which are correct. A […]

Marcus Ster 74

Marcus Ster 74 Owner: K. & P. Nogovi, Trinec (CZ). Tel: +42 (0) 604846422 Website: E-mail: The walk is sufficiently active but could be wider. In the trot he shows posture and the hind leg uses a lot of jump. The legs are of sufficient quality but could be more correct in the foundation. The […]

Haitse Ster 73

Haitse Ster 73 Owner: J. Cordes, Weerrt (NL) Tel: +31 (0)6 50681681 Website: The stallion Haitse ster 73 was bred from a dam with a more than sufficient pedigree who also has more than sufficient pastoral wealth. What is also very interesting about this dam line is that both the dam and the grand dam […]

Hidde Ster 72

Hidde Ster 72 Owner: M. Bleyenberh, Ossenzijl (NL) Tel: +31 (0)6 43489509 E-mail: The stallion Hidde ster 72 was bred from a dam with an interesting pedigree that could certainly have earned a higher predicate. The mother’s father carries 50% hackney blood which is interesting and unrelated to our most popular. The sire is Bontfire […]

Hessel Ster 71

Hessel Ster 71 Owner: A. Okkema, Britswert (NL) Tel: +31 (0)6 53818266 Website: The stallion Hessel ster 71 was bred from a mother with a more than sufficient pedigree who also has more than sufficient predicate. The sire King XX02 is approved for descendants with a sufficient breeding index. The mother is a foal book, […]

Hermes Ster 68

Hermes Ster 68 Owner: M. Jonsson, Eskilstuna (SW) Tel: +46 701475134 E-mail: Hermes Ster 68 is bred from a dam with a more than sufficient pedigree with sufficient predicates. The sire Ceaser ter Linden XX05 is approved for descendants and has a more than sufficient breeding index. The stallion has 50% Friesian blood. Hermes stands […]

Gerben Ster 67

Gerben Ster 67 Owner: S. Seebacher, Ebene Reichenau (AU) Tel: +43 6642330595 Website: Gerben was bred from a mother with a more than sufficient pedigree, which also contains more than sufficient predicates. The sire Johannes BP09 is himself very reddish and inherits a lot of hardiness. The stallion carries 62.5% Frisian blood. Gerben stands out […]

Ewoud Ster 66

Ewoud Ster 66 Owner: B. van Es, Oudwoude (NL) Tel:  Website: Ewout was bred out of a dam with a very limited dam line that deserves a higher predicate. The sire Bontfire XX06 is approved on descendants and has a high breeding index. The stallion carries 50% Friesian blood. Ewoud stands out because of his […]

Egbert Ster 59

Egbert Ster 59 Owner: M. Jašurkovi, Zatec (CZ) Tel: +42 0603276454 E-mail: Egbert is bred from a very predicate rich, unrelated, Frisian dam line. The sire is Lanos XX14 who has a sufficient breeding value and is also very unrelated to our population. The stallion carries 50% Friesian blood. It is very noticeable that the […]

Constantijn Ster 57

Constantijn Ster 57 Owner: U. Ferm, Gamleby (ZW) Tel: +46 709946052 E-mail: Constantijn is bred from a sufficient predicate maternal line. The sire is the pedigree approved stallion Peter BP04 who has a very good breeding value. The stallion himself carries 82.5% Frisian blood. Constantine stands out because of his enormous hairstyle on head, tail […]