Magic Mikaela de Hera

Magic Mikaela de HeraOwner: E. Christenen, Helsingborg (SW).Price: on requestTel: +07 0 35158232E-mail Born: 2022Type: XX25% Friesian bloodThree colored PintoFather: Sir StathamM.F: Tunne de Haart (FPS)Sex: MareHeigth: 1.68 mBPS Inspection Sweden 2022: 1st premie (7.5,7.5,7,7,7.5, tot 44)

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Name Horse Owner: Your Name, Residence (NL). Price: € Tel: +31 (0)6 12345678 Website: E-mail: Description of up to 50 words, 3 photos (resolution 1200X800). Any predicates or Ibop points: XX.X. Sex: Born: Heigth: 0.00 m > Pedigree  

Bob BP25 (sold)

Bob BP25 Owner: R. van Teijen, Lippenhuizen (NL). Price: sold Tel: +31 (0)6 53382318 Stallion Bob (Best of Breed) has been born and raised at stable De Singel in Lippenhuizen, The Netherlands. He has been trained to become a riding horse and trained to pull a cart (single, double and with four horses). The dressage […]

Allard BP21 (sold)

Allard BP21 Owner: F. Wemmenhove, Zuidwolde (NL). Price: Sold Tel: +31 (0)6 21588068 Website: Allard BP21 will be approved at offspring in 2018! So he can breed the rest of his life licenced! Very high breeding values. Only for sale for the right buyer and country. Ibop driving: 49,5 points. Sex: Stallion Heigth: 1.66 m

Jente (sold)

Jente Prijs: Verkocht Owner: R. van Teijen, Lippenhuizen (NL). Tel: +31 (0)6-53382318 Jente is for sale, unique and top pedigree, see attached Barock Pinto registration. It is always spring in the eyes of my Jente. I am very proud of Jente, she received a 1st premium during the Central Inspection of 2019 with no less […]

Jildau (sold)

Jildau Price: Sold Owner: R. van Teijen, Lippenhuizen (NL). Tel: +31 (0)6-53382318 Jildau is for sale, in possession of a top pedigree. Wow this is my Jildau. I am very proud of Jildau, she received a 1st premium at the Central Inspection 2019 in Assen, with no less than 46 points. Sex: Mare Born: 20-05-2019