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First Barock Pinto conference Slovenia

On May 4th 2019, the first Barock Pinto conference will be held in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.
The conference will address the following topics throughout the day:

  • The studbook and organization of the Barock Pinto Studbook:
    • The Barock Pinto horse:
    • health;
    • exterior;
    • movement.
  • Breeding a Barock Pinto.
  • The Barock Pinto in daily use and in sports.

A number of Barock Pinto horses will be presented by hand. They will subsequently be judged on their movements and exteriors.
Head inspector Gerrit Stelwagen will be the main speaker during the conference.

To express your interest in a conference, please contact

Aftermovie Stallion Inspection 2019

What a wonderful memory of a fantastic inspection!
The Barock Pinto Studbook Stallion Inspection 2019 aftermovie.

Video by Nando Dirksen

Catalogue stallion inspection 2019 is available

The catalogue for the stallion inspection of March 9th in Assen is available!

Download the catalogue through the button below.

Baron van Odingastate FB01 approved on the offspring

The breeding committee of the Barock Pinto Studbook, consisting of mr. H. de Ruiter, mr. B. Damstee and chairman dhr. Gerrit Stelwagen, meet several times a year to discuss the lie of the land with each other. During the meeting last November, the previous year was discussed with under further the stallion inspection results.

After the stallions Peter BP04, Bontfire XX06 and Ceasar ter Linde XX05 have been approved by offspring, the FB stallion Baron van Odingastate FB01 was mentioned. This Frisian stallion was approved at the very first stallion inspection of the studbook in Dalen. The stallion excels in his excellent breed type, strong build and agility. A year after his approval, this stallion showed a strong IBOP and was approved. And now the time has come… Baron van Odingastate FB01 has 21 offspring that are approved! They all score an average of 41.7 and that is well above the average that the stallion should inherit. This can also be seen in the fact that his descendants have high scores on breed type and build.

Baron van Odingastate FB01 has always been in the hands of the great promoters of the association in the Czech Republic; Gabriela Mikutová and her husband. The stallion has two breeding sons: the Barock Pinto approved stallions Erick BP36 and Darius FB17 and also some valuable daughters. These sons are also very noticeable because of their strong build and beautiful breed type. The Barock Pinto Studbook hereby declares the beautiful stallion Baron van Odingastate FB01 approved on his offspring! Our congratulations go out to Gabriela Mikutová and her husband and the breeders, who always had faith in the stallion.

IBOP and studbook admittance day december 8th

On Saturday the 8th of December, an IBOP & studbook admittance day was organised in the beautiful Sunrise Stables by the Barock Pinto Studbook in Assen.

6 contestants had signed up and the level was very good. Highest points of the day went to strong moving and nicely modelled  stallion Falco BP 40. This young Bontfire XX 06 scored a great 72 points, holding an 8 for every mark given. Falco was presented professionally by Melanie Wemmenhove.

Mare Evita M.C., owned by M.L. van den Berg, reported for her studbook admittance and was awarded a second premium. Also a Bontfire XX 06 offspring, she later performed her IBOP under saddle, which she passed as well.

The Barock Pinto Studbook can look back on a succesful afternoon and will now move forward toward the Stallion Inspection on March 9th of 2019.


Opname Stap Draf Galop Rastype Bouw Beenwerk Totaal
Evita M.C. 6.5 7 6 7 7.5 6.5 40.5
IBOP Stap (2x) Draf (2x) Galop (2x) Overgangen H.S.W. Aanleg Totaal
Bernhard XX 17 7.5 7.5 7.5 6.5 6.5 7.5 65.5
Falco BP 40 8 8 8 8 8 8 72
Famke 8 7 6.5 6.5 7 7 63.5
Francisca van ‘t Oostende 8.5 7.5 7.5 7 6.5 7.5 70
Evita M.C. 7 6.5 6.5 7 7 7 61
Alicia D. 7.5 7 6.5 7 7 7 63


Aftermovie Barock Pinto Inspection Czech Republic 2018

After the big Barock Pinto Inspection in the Czech Republic on October 6, 2018, the local organization created this beautiful aftermovie.

Bontfire XX06 succes story continue in America

Great spirit during Barock Pinto inspection in Denmark

Saturday September 29th 2018

Judges Gerrit Stelwagen and Rinze van Teijen traveled to the beautiful Denmark during the last weekend of September.

The inspection day started with the presentation of filly Inaja (f. Constantijn BP18, owner: Inger Kristensen). Inaja showed very good movements and received a first premium with 44,5 points.

The category of yearlings had three participants. Helena af Bette Musted (f. Constantijn BP18, owner: Charlotte F. Mikkelsen and Kim Tomsen) presented herself the best. She showed the best movements, with a very suppleness in her trot. Helena is modernly built and shows a nice front, said Gerrit Stelwagen. This filly also became the champion of the day!

Yearling filly Hera Barock West (f. Constantijn, owner: Inger Kristensen) and half-brother colt Hector Barock West (f. Constantijn, owner: Line Lillelund) were both presented very decently and received a second and first premium, respectively.

The two-year-old category contained three horses to be presented to the judges. This was a nice group with very different participants. They were all awarded a second premium.

The day was concluded with the mares, ages three and older. Stand-out in the group was mare

Amazing Milak van Sortemosegaard (owner: Karina Retsborg). This mare is a daughter of gone too soon stallion Colorance XX03. She was also the champion of the Danish inspection three years ago. She presented her great movements and was rewarded with 44,5 points, giving her a first premium and a provisionally Elite predicate.

Madelon fan Teakesyl (f. Mewes 438, owner: Line Lillelund) was inspected in the FB type. The mare was noticed through her easy movements while trotting. She showed much connection in her upper line and croup. This resulted in a first premium with 43,5 points. Mare Ima-Chik van Nikala (f. Kallestrups Marikles O Shar Pin 70, owner: Lisbeth Krogh Hedegaard) is a nice sized mare, standing at 1.70 m. She presented with an easy walk and trot, but could still develop some more power, according to the judges. The mare was rewarded with a Ster second premium at 40,5 points. Mare Smilla (f. Dennis, owner: Amanda Christensen) was admitted to the studbook with a third premium and 38 points. Last in the ring was large mare Whitney Lightfoot (owner: Lisbeth Krogh Hedegaard), which was inspected in the XX type. She is a daughter of Soholm Wyattearp PIH59, so very interesting for the crossbreeding program. Whitney Lightfoot received a second premium with 40,5 points.

This was a very successful day with a great crowd and much interest from spectators. We thank Denmark for their organization and hope to be back next year!

Inspection Czech Republic 2018

This year, there was one Central Inspection held in the Czech Republic. For some participants, this meant several days of travel to be present. The inspection took place in a beautiful, large and new Equestrian center.

Like earlier years, Dr. Gabriela Jasurkova Mikutova had organized the day perfectly. It was a very nice sunny fall day and the inspection was held in the large indoor arena, where it was combined with demonstrations. There was a dressage demonstration, but also a show with nights in armor, which showcased the good character of the BP horses.

What was very noticeable in a positive way, was that all the presenters were dressed very appropriately: they all had the black pants and the white shirt. There were many more female owners than there were male BP owners. Every category winner was rewarded with a trophies and a bag of horse feed.

The exterior inspection had 3 colts, 2 fillies, 10 yearlings, 5 two-year-olds, 10 mares and 2 stallions. 4-year-old stallion Egbert Ster 59, performed his positive IBOP test.

The quality of the foals was high and 4 of them received a first premium. All these foals were fathered by Allard BP 21. Allard has been standing at stud in the Czech Republic for 2 years and produced many good offspring in that time. Best foal of the day was colt Imperius Goodshapes, owned by Gabriela Mikutova. This would later even become the reserve day champion.

The yearlings were a bit up and down in their quality. 4 yearlings received a first premium, including the later day champion, Heidi van Bohemia (f. Allard BP 21), owned by Michaela Pokorna. The two-year-old were in the middle of the quality. Highest scoring two-year-old, was black stallion Aart S.V. (f. Jurre O.), owned by Lanka Varmusova.

The mare category had strongly build Clarinda (f. Bontfire XX 06) at the top. She received a first premium an is owned by Petra Halubova. There were 2 star mares signed up for an improvement of their predicate. Fun fact is that these were mother Yfke fan ‘e sän Ieren (2007) and daughter Emikö Christine van Pavlowitz (2014, f. Ceasar ter Linden XX 05). Both mares achieved their higher predicate and are now provisionally Elite.

The 2 present stallions, both received their breeding license. Pinto stallion Brandus, unfortunately with unknwon pedigree and therefore inspected in type XX, showed good movements and is owned by Anna Kosinkova. The second stallion, brown/black pinto Darius (Baron fan Odingastate FB 01), was inspected in the FB type and owned by Jaruslava Dvorakova.

At the end of the day, our BPS chairman handed the trophies to the day champion and the reserce champion. Gerrit Stelwagen gave all contestants a professonial and informative talk with their points and thanked the organization, especially Gabriela Mikutova, for a fantastically succesful Barock Pinto inspection.