Reminder: Changes regulations per 01-01-2020

Reminder, the article below was published earlier at the beginning of december 2019. 

Last year, a number of adjustments were approved at the general members meeting that were proposed by the breeding committee. Below the changed regulations concerning some matters that apply as of 1 January 2020:

  • Horses may appear at the inspection for admission if they are 3 years in the relevant calendar year on 1 January of the relevant year. This also applies to all associations abroad.
  • The height will be increased from 1.53 m. to 1.56 m. for studbook admission;
    1.58 m. with star declaration and 1.60 m. for Elite mares, breeding permitted Star-stallions and breeding stallions.
  • Preferentship stallions. The better breeding animals should be given a faster chance to become preferent. If the animal breeds above average, it must be able to be valued more quickly. The number of points to be delivered will be as follows:
    • a first premium mare, star stallion and a sufficiently passed ibop test: 5 points;
    • sport predicate and Elite mare: 10 points.
    • An approved stallion will remain 25 points.
  • Stallions with the hydrocephalic gene will not be approved for breeding.
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