Edsard BP56

Edsard BP56
Owner: A. Okkema, Britswert (NL)
Tel: +31 (0)6 53818266
Website: stalokkema.nl

The stallion Edsard BP 56 is bred out of a dam with a very good pedigree, who has earned a predicate. The Frisian Grand Prix stallion Ielke 382 also comes from this beautiful mare line. The stallion carries 62.5% Friesian blood. Edsard stands out for his strong topline and more than sufficient ruddy expression. The neck could have been a bit more length, has a little under the neck, but it stands vertically on it and also uses it well in movement. He has good hooves and is sufficiently hard on the legs. In movement, the very tactile, powerful and spacious walk is particularly striking. In trot and canter we prefer a little more suppleness.

Heigth: 1.65 m
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