Freek overall champion of the 10th stallion inspection of the Barock Pinto Studbook

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, a record number of stallions where presented under the attention of the massively crowded audience. The 10th stallion selection attracted audiences from the Netherlands and abroad who were already present early in the morning.

The presentations of the new, to be approved stallions, was great. A stallion that stood out in this group was the, typical for the breed, nine-year-old stallion Fonger T. Fan’e Boppelannen (by Loadewyk 431). Never before has a stallion been approved with such a high score (50 points!). Fonger has a unique bloodline with a lot of sport, it is therefore not surprising that he is already running Prix St. George at the moment. A stallion that you do not want to miss as a studbook according to Chief Inspector Gerrit Stelwagen. Fonger was judged in the category FB and therefore could not participate in the championship.

Another remarkable stallion was son of Willem van Nassau, Frederik Hendrik van Nassau. This three-year-old stallion showed a lot of strength. Frederik Hendrik received 47 points with his unique pedigree and was approved. His half-brother Freek, also a three-year-old stallion, was an impressive appearance with a lot of rhythm and regularity in the basic walks. With a nine on his legwork the stallion was approved with 49 points. His mother, Iris, has therefore been declared preferential. Freek left behind the other stallion during the championship and went away with the title!

Stallions from predicate-enriched-line were the impressive and large stallion Pablo from stables Terspstra (by Pieter A.); the stallion was measured at 1.71 m this day. With an 8.5 for racetypical and physique he came out at 47 points. In addition, the strongly built Floris (from Bontfire BP06XX) was approved with 46.5 points. Floris is a very racetypical stallion, according to Gerrit Stelwagen.

Approval also followed for the harness horse Kylano (by Delviro HBC). The stallion gallops with a lot of body use and his trot also showed good use of the foreleg, according to Stelwagen. The stallion received 45 points. Picasso (by Pascal) scored 8 on his legwork and was approved with 44 points.

A beautiful breed and racetypical stallion with very correct legs was Frits fan it Oast, which is very similar to his father Bart BP07. Frits scored 44.5 points. A half a point more got the appaloosa Peru’s Armani (Sartors Showtime). Peru’s Armani has a lot of sport in the pedigree and was impressed by his easy way of moving, according to Stelwagen.

The very striking, fourteen-year-old stallion, King was approved with 45 points. “The pedigree of King is still unknown at the moment, but perhaps there is a descent when the DNA is checked,” says Stelwagen. Owner Thamar Gotthjalpsen is Inter I classified with King. During a clinic in the afternoon program of the inspection, Thamar took the audience into how to train Barock Pinto horses.

With 45.5 points, Nuttert fan Dijkmaniastate (by Olrik 383) earned his approval. “A very striking breed typical stallion with a very interesting bloodline”, according to the jury.

Approved with 44 points is the very young stallion Ferro (by Hidde fan ‘t Wegje). Also the stallion Fireman (by Hugo BP 22) received 44 points. Fireman comes from a predicate enriched and sports-oriented line that stands out for its beautiful and youthful appearance, according to the jury. Daymend (by Lotti Ster 11) was also approved with 44 points. Daymend is a large stallion out of the well-bred Ina S (also mother of Peter BP 04).

The homozygous stallion Fons (by Willem van Nassau) and the still very youthful, but rastypical Floid S.O (by Prince XX 18) were declared star with a breeding license.

Ewout BP 31 (by Marko BP 05) and Elvis BP 27 (by Elton BP 11) showed during the presentations for the older and already approved stallions that they have developed very well during the past year. The stallion Bouke BP 30 (by Peter BP 04) stood out because of his beautiful movement and was named champion in this group. Reserve champion became Elvis.

The inspection day ended with the day championship. The stallions have put themselves in the spotlight. The stallion Freek took off with the title, Bouke BP 30 became reserve champion!

It was a wonderful day with a lot of new and qualitative stallions added to the studbook! The board, jury and team of the Barock Pinto Studbook wants to thank the great and big audience from the Netherlands and abroad for their arrival.

Until next year !!

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