Gerald BP53

Gerald BP53
Owner: A. Stránská, Votice (CZ)

Gerald BP53 is bred from a dam with a well-rounded pedigree that could be a little bit richer. The sire Bernstein XX11 has been rejected, but that is also because only a small number of descendants are known and registered. The sire does have an interesting pedigree and is doing well in sport. The stallion has 50% Friesian blood. Gerald stands out because of his good development and correct construction. He has a youthful, friendly and calm expression. The movement is sufficiently wide and correct. The hind leg should be brought under the body a little more forcefully. Partly because he is quite unrelated to the population, Gerald is an asset to the Barock Pinto Studbook.

Heigth: 1.68 m
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Wa Tr Ca Bt Bu Le Tot.
6.5 7,5 7,5 8 7,5 8 46,5