Haike BP54

Haike BP54
Owner: S. Hofsté, Ermelo (NL)
Tel: +31 (0)6 25384038
E-mail: semhofste2015@gmail.com

The stallion Haike BP 54 is bred from a dam line with a more than sufficient pedigree that deserves a higher predicate. However, some fine sport horses come from this tribe. The sire is the foal book stallion Daimond, of which there are no further details. The stallion carries 68.75% Frisian blood. Haike stands out because of his ruddy appearance and vertical neck shape. the topline is slightly sunken with a lot of length and good croup position. The leg work is sufficiently hard but could be a little more correct in the foundation. In the movement, the excellent uphill canter stands out. In walk and trot he may appear a bit more stable and powerful.

Heigth: 1.66 m
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