Hertog Jan BP55 highest IBOP score

ASSEN — With fourteen participants for the IBOP and five for the studbook registration, the event had grown again last Saturday compared to previous years. “We once again had a good year with just under 80 new members and were still able to organize a decent event,” says head jury Gerrit Stelwagen. “This day really makes sense, especially to give people with lactating mares and late bloomers a chance.”

A big surprise during the studbook registration showed that no fewer than three mares received 44 points and thus became elite for the time being. “That’s almost impossible, but it happened anyway. The horses simply moved very well and presented themselves fantastically”, says Gerrit Stelwagen. These three mares were the four-year-old Doutzen (by Pier 448) of B. Postema-Korringa from Tolbert, the also four-year-old Djikke van de Ruige Hoek (by Kendrik van de Thijenkaampe) of J. van Breden and the five-year-old Antke van de Wiskehoeve. (by Epke 474) from M. Dix from Oss. The latter received an 8.5 for her breed type.


“Our goal is for the horses to be used and we had a total of 14 horses for the IBOP. Other years there were six or seven, so this number is very nice. People who breed still want an IBOP with their mare. Five approved stallions also appeared in the ring, stallions that receive a breeding license must run their IBOP within three years. The outlier in the IBOP with 66.5 points was the four-year-old stallion Hertog Jan BP55 (Bart BP07) owned by J. Duiven from Burgwerd. “A very impressive stallion with great size and stature”, explained Gerrit Stelwagen to the very beautifully modeled reserve champion of last year’s stallion selection. His highest score was an eight for the step.

Two mares achieved 65 points for their IBOP and immediately became elite, after they provisionally became elite in the morning at the studbook registration. These were Antke van de Wiskehoeve and Doutzen. Two more mares earned the elite predicate after their IBOP. Indra van de Twingel (by Bontfire XX06) owned by L. Koopmans from Zuidwolde had already become a star with a first premium last spring and had now passed the IBOP with 61 points. And also the elite predicate for Indra D’Eichem (by Ceasar ter Linden) of E. van der Heide from Siegerswoude. Her canter improved during the IBOP which gave her a bonus point and she scored 63 points. Also worth mentioning was the IBOP of the recently three-year-old stallion Tjalke BP61 (by Noakin van ‘t Sterrebornehof) by B. Postema-Korringa from Tolbert, who scored a beautiful 65 points. Three horses failed this time and the jury would like to see them again next year.

The approved stallion Hertog Jan BP55 fulfilled his obligation to participate in the IBOP within three years of approval and achieved the highest daily score there.
The brand new elite mare Antke van de Wiskehoeve (by Epke 474) had the champion foal at the central inspection, and now scored 65 points herself at the IBOP.

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