Iberica van de Waranda, champion of the day Belgium

Just like the last 3 years, this inspection was organized by and at the Darley Angel Stables. The exterior inspection was held outdoors, in fine weather,  during the morning. The afternoon was filled with a varied show program, where most visitors could watch, eat and drink.

There were 9 foals, 6 yearlings 4 two-year-olds and 3 mares at this inspection, as well as 2 two-year-old stallions that were presented as a prelude for the SI 2019 in Assen. Both have Ceasar ter Linden as their father.

The best filly was Iberica van de Warande (f. Ceasar ter Linden XX 05) owned by Daniel Saey. She had a strong breeding type and buildm but it was her strong trot that stood out. This filly would later become day champion. Colt Inferno van de Smedenpoort (f. Ewout BP 31) came to equally great heights, with good movements on his part.

The yearlings received 2 first premiums, given to Hyacind van ’t Zandeken and Rayna van ’t Lohof. Both are fathered by Ceasar ter Linden XX 05. They were both groomed to perfection and presented optimally. An inspection is still a little bit of a beauty competition, where owners work hard to show their horses in the best way.

The two-year-old had 3 strong horses, receiving a first premium each. The mares were judged as fllows: First Lady Darley Angel became a studbookmare with a third premium. Pearl fân Stal Bellefleur became a Star mare and also passed her IBOP on this day. Fee van Mieke Dee obtained a Ster first premium.

All participants received a beautiful ribbon by the Darley Angel Stables to remember the successful day by.

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