Inspection Austria 2022

Barend Damste, Maarten Schraa and our chairman Rinze van Tijen were guests in Austria last week to provide Barock Pintos with premiums. Among other things, two provisional Elite mares could be added. These were the beautiful breed-typical Jolene von Neuhof and the luxurious and very strong trotting and cantering J. Ramona von der Nockalm. Unfortunately, the latter suffered from some tension in the walk, otherwise her score would have been even higher. Among the foals, the colt Marius vom Tainacherfeld stood out because of his great way of moving. Especially in the trot he showed a lot of balance, uprightness and a strong and active hind leg. The IBOP test came a little too early for two participants because unfortunately they did not yet receive the necessary points. Jolise vom Tainacherfeld was ready and achieved a decent score of 63 points. The day was well organized and the stallions Dagho BP32 and Ipke BP69 were presented to the public under saddle. Both fine utility horses! There was also a carousel ride including jumping and this was done by two very fanatical young ladies. Nice to be able to experience the enthusiasm in Austria too!

Juliana vom Tainacherfeld Dagho BP32 58.5
Sola Anton 343 57.0
Jolise vom Tainacherfeld Dagho BP32 63,0

Jolene von Neuhof Prince XX18 44.0
Juliana vom Tainacherfeld Dagho BP32 42.5
J. Ramona von der Nockalm Ceasar ter Linden 44,5
Jolise vom Tainacherfeld Dagho BP32 42,5
Ilona vom Moosreithgut Johannes BP09 41,5

Mellow KL Nekoma’s Nicola 40,5
Melvin TW von Zeutschach Ipke BP69 38.0
Marius vom Tainacherfeld Dagho BP32 44.0
Moreno TW vom Zeutschach Ipke BP69 38.0
Milano TW vom Zeutschach Ipke BP69 43,0

Memory TW vom Zeutschach Hylke H 42.0

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