Inspection Czech Republic 2018

This year, there was one Central Inspection held in the Czech Republic. For some participants, this meant several days of travel to be present. The inspection took place in a beautiful, large and new Equestrian center.

Like earlier years, Dr. Gabriela Jasurkova Mikutova had organized the day perfectly. It was a very nice sunny fall day and the inspection was held in the large indoor arena, where it was combined with demonstrations. There was a dressage demonstration, but also a show with nights in armor, which showcased the good character of the BP horses.

What was very noticeable in a positive way, was that all the presenters were dressed very appropriately: they all had the black pants and the white shirt. There were many more female owners than there were male BP owners. Every category winner was rewarded with a trophies and a bag of horse feed.

The exterior inspection had 3 colts, 2 fillies, 10 yearlings, 5 two-year-olds, 10 mares and 2 stallions. 4-year-old stallion Egbert Ster 59, performed his positive IBOP test.

The quality of the foals was high and 4 of them received a first premium. All these foals were fathered by Allard BP 21. Allard has been standing at stud in the Czech Republic for 2 years and produced many good offspring in that time. Best foal of the day was colt Imperius Goodshapes, owned by Gabriela Mikutova. This would later even become the reserve day champion.

The yearlings were a bit up and down in their quality. 4 yearlings received a first premium, including the later day champion, Heidi van Bohemia (f. Allard BP 21), owned by Michaela Pokorna. The two-year-old were in the middle of the quality. Highest scoring two-year-old, was black stallion Aart S.V. (f. Jurre O.), owned by Lanka Varmusova.

The mare category had strongly build Clarinda (f. Bontfire XX 06) at the top. She received a first premium an is owned by Petra Halubova. There were 2 star mares signed up for an improvement of their predicate. Fun fact is that these were mother Yfke fan ‘e sän Ieren (2007) and daughter Emikö Christine van Pavlowitz (2014, f. Ceasar ter Linden XX 05). Both mares achieved their higher predicate and are now provisionally Elite.

The 2 present stallions, both received their breeding license. Pinto stallion Brandus, unfortunately with unknwon pedigree and therefore inspected in type XX, showed good movements and is owned by Anna Kosinkova. The second stallion, brown/black pinto Darius (Baron fan Odingastate FB 01), was inspected in the FB type and owned by Jaruslava Dvorakova.

At the end of the day, our BPS chairman handed the trophies to the day champion and the reserce champion. Gerrit Stelwagen gave all contestants a professonial and informative talk with their points and thanked the organization, especially Gabriela Mikutova, for a fantastically succesful Barock Pinto inspection.

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