Johannes BP09

Johannes BP09 (frozen semen)
Owner: S. Seebacher, Ebene Reichenau (AT)
Tel: +43 6642330595

Johannes is a very typical stallion who radiates a lot of youth. He has a very expressive head. He has a lot of length in the neck and neck. Johannes has a lot of length in his body and especially croup. His walk is spacious, powerful and has a lot of tact. In trot he has very strong use of the hind leg and uses his body well. He can switch very easily at the trot. The canter is a bit stiff and not very supple.

Heigth: 1.62 m
Ibop: 64.5 punten

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Wa Tr Ca Bt Bu Le Tot.
7.5 8 6 8.5 8 7.5 45.5