Prices and sperm examination

When starting a studbook, we set rules, bylaws and goals. After some years, these must be evaluated and sometimes adjusted. During the last board meeting, among other things, we assessed the sperm examination and the prices of the stud registration.

So far, the sperm examination has been made mandatory by the studbook. After 9 years, however, the studbook has determined that the percentage of negative results is so small, that is does not have an added value anymore. The decision has been made, to drop this examination in its totality.

The price of registering an approved stud, has been at a standstill in these last few years. In 2017, these had to be revisited. After careful consideration, we have determined the new rates. Registering a BP-stud will now cost €750,-. Registering a stud of another type, will now cost €500,-.

The new rates combined with the disappearing of the sperm examination (€400, -), is good news for the stud-owners. In the total picture, they can save €150, -.

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