Report inspection Schotland

After a time of preparation, it was possible to judge for the very first time in Scotland last month. Jury members Gerrit Stelwagen and Simon Hoeksma had the honor to inspect the horses here on behalf of the BPS. They saw a nice even group of horses pass by with a few outliers. Thanks go to the organization led by Janine O’Conner.

She is also the person who wants to set up the subsidiary association in Scotland. Among the colts, the strongly built and breed-typical Marverick stood out, who scored an 8 on everything except for one part. Among the fillies, Morrighan of Friesians Scotland was the best. She trotted through the track with a lot of balance and power and received an 8.5 for this as well as for her fantastic breed appearance.

With the three year and older mares, K. Duschess already stood out with her size of 1.70 m at the withers, but also impressed with her good build and beautiful stature. She was provisionally declared elite together with Jente. The nicely developed Jente also showed herself well and the jury thinks that she can become a very good sport horse. A stallion was also inspected. This youthful, long-lined Jackpot from Soma has a beautiful long neck with a lot of front and a top line. He may gain a little more strength in movement. All in all a nice inspection and definitely worth repeating!

The results in catalog order:
stallion foals:
Marvel of Friesians Scotland FB (Constantine BP18 x Pier 448) 40.0
Marverick of Friesians Scotland BP (Constantine BP 18 x Mook M.P.) 47.0
Tarek of Friesians Scotland FB (Haddad x Alwin 469) 45.5

Maya of Friesians Scotland BP (Jackpot by Soma x Bouke) 40,0
Morrighan of Friesians Scotland BP (Haddad x Bontfire XX06) 48,5

Luther of Friesians Scotland BP (Constantine BP18 x Oscar 314) 41.0

Loki of Scotland Friesians BP (Constantine BP18 x Pier 448) 44.5

Leah of Friesians Scotland FB (Constantine BP18 x Alwin 469) 41.0
Lucille of Friesians Scotland BP (Constantine BP18 x Ridske v.r.) 40.5
L’amore of Friesians Scotland BP (Constantine BP18 x Arjen 417) 41.0
Lakota of Friesians Scotland BP (Empire of Soma x Bontfire XX06) 38.0

Klaas of Friesians Scotland BP (Bouke x Alwin 469) 44,5

Klaasie of Friesians Scotland FB (Roan fan ‘e Pikesyl x Mook M.P.) 40.0

Jackpot of Soma BP (Edwin BP 35 x Big Ben a Kila) 46.5

Gerlands BP (Mook M.P. x …) 44.0
Ieteke BP (Bouke x Bente 412) 41.0
Lady Di BP (Ed King Hill sport x Reitse 272) 42.5
Jasmine van de Dingspel BP (Bontfire XX06 x Albert) 37.5
K. Duchess BP (Quick x …) 45.0
Zafiera T BP (Alwin 469 x Harmen 424) 40.0
Jente BP (Bontfire XX06 x Elton BP11) 45.5
Carmen van Soma BP (Bontfire XX06 x Mintse 384) 42.0

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