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While half of the Netherlands was watching the Formula 1 of Zandvoord last weekend, Simon Hoeksma and Rinze van Tijen’s eyes were on Barock Pintos in hospitable Sweden. Since they had their own transport, they could also inspect six horses on location on the return journey. Gijs Janssens, originally Dutch but living in Sweden, was both tour guide and co-organizer of the inspection. A big thank you to him and all the other volunteers who made the inspection a successful event. ‘Friendly people and everything super organised’, as Mr. Van Tijen emphasized.

The inspection started with average foals and went a bit ‘stiff’ in terms of points as described by Mr Hoeksma, but as the inspection progressed the quality got better and better with ‘a few beautiful toppers in movement and exterior’. ‘Perky foals with a lot of race and appearance’ they saw especially on the second day of inspection.

The stallion Hermes was also shown and he turned out to be a beautiful sire and measures no less than 1.71 m. The youth has the future, as Sweden showed!

Here’s the result:
IBOP (under the saddle):
Floris van Wyshorne FB (Hugo FPZV x Gerlof 294) 65,5
Hermes BP Ster 68 (Ceasar ter Linden x Fabe 348) 64.5
Freerk van Wolsum FB (Maurits 437 x Onne 375) 68.5

Mila Donna CV FB (Rink FB20 X Santiago) 40,5
Mysteries Unique FB (Rink FB20 x Sambesi) 44.0
Magic Mikaela de Hera XX (Sir Statham XX33 x Tunne de Heart) 44.0
Miss li la Vie XX (Hendrik BP72 x The Bank) 43,5

stallion foals:
Maistro of Rock BP (Hermes Star 68 x Constantine BP18) 40.0
Trym af Aska FB (Rink FB20 x Gigantisch van Vaya) 43,5
mr. Cash of Rock BP (Hermes Star 68 x Bontfire XX06) 41.0
Most Uniq FB (Rink FB20 x Olrik 383) 44.5

Livia Karfsängs FB (Conrad BP68 x …) 39.0
Leila Karlsängs BP (Conrad BP68 x Ceasar ter Linden) 40.0

RUNS (3 years and older):
Floris van Wyshorne FB (Hugo FPZV x Gerlof 294) 43,0
Imperial of Alexander BP (Alexander BP13 x Harmen 424) 46.0

MARES (3 years and older):
Shakira FB (Guido van Robico x Ulbert 390) 40.0
Janis of Rock BP (Conrad BP68 x Xzibit) 40.5
Ines af Kullbo BP (Alexander BP13 x Ielke 382) 40,5
Ilse von Twenscheveld BP (Bontfire XX06 x Doaitsen 420) 41.0
Jamaijca XX (Alexander BP13 x Lamborgini 1028) 45.0
Jadore la Kendi FB (Rink FB20 x Guido von Robico) 39.0
Joline Amorette BP (Alexander BP13 x Nanne fan de …) 45.5

Hermes BP star 68 (Ceasar ter Linden x Fabe 348) 44,5

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