Results Willem van Nassau cup

Wednesday evening, September 26, 2022 at 6:00 PM, the time had come: the award ceremony of the Willem van Nassau trophy 2.0. What a successful competition we have been able to organize as the Barock Pinto sports committee! Over the past three months, the — more than 30 — participants have submitted a (KNHS) dressage test every month. These dressage tests are judged by official ZZ-Licht judges, namely by Nicole de Leeuw, Kim Telgen and Barbara Postema-Korringa. Thank you ladies! Each trial counted towards the final result, with the last trial counting slightly more heavily (1.5x instead of 1x). The Barock Pinto Sports Committee enjoyed the beautiful Barock Pinto combinations, where the quality and commitment were extra noticeable. It was also nice to see that combinations without a starting pass took the opportunity to participate in this competition. A great start to a competitive career!

The Willem van Nassau Cup 2.0 was won by Rachel Haanstra with the approved Barock Pinto stallion Hugo FB25 (by Alwin 469). Rachel was able to win the final test with conviction and came to a percentage of no less than 69.98%. The reserve champion has become Nienke Pater with her gelding Imme fan it Hazzeleger, a descendant of Noakin van het Sterrebornehof. She managed to achieve a nice end result of 68.62%. For the rest of the results, please refer to the final standings.

Finally, the Barock Pinto sports committee would like to thank the Barock Pinto studbook for making this competition possible. The entire competition was free of charge for the participants and very nice prizes were made available by the studbook.

Thanks again to all, and keep an eye on our Facebook page (Barock Pinto Sports Committee) for upcoming events!

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