Stallion Show March 4th 2023

March 4, the stallion inspection of our studbook took place in the beautiful accommodation of the Sunrise Stables in Assen. No fewer than 21 stallions were registered for the shot at the famous stallion predicate. It promised to be a productive day! Below is the report of the stallions that received their breeding license that day.

Upon arrival, the stallions were first checked for their chip number. Then DNA was taken and the height measured and then the stallions were examined on the street for standing and in walk and trot. It was already noticeable then that there was a lot of quality in terms of exterior and breed type.

After a short break, free movement in the cage began. Jury members Gerrit Stelwagen, Simon Hoeksma and Geertje van de Veen had the task of judging these stallions.

Three stallions entered the ring first in category XX, two of which were approved. Kadanz et Forti SHS (Zotirco x Colorance BP03XX) from breeder and owner Sud Himmerik from Hallum kicked things off. This beautiful, luxurious, long-lined and youthful appearance moved light-footed and with a lot of flexibility to 48.5 points, a good start to the inspection!

After Kadanz, Pokerface (For Ferrero x Chagall D&R) from breeder and owner D.R. van de Groep from Zeewolde was approved with the highest points of the day, namely 52.5!

This beautiful category XX stallion moved with a lot of suppleness, light footedness and balance and had a lot of hardness in his legs and was very strong in his build. A horse with a golden edge.

Doede fan Groot Malckenhorst (Lammert 260 x Dirk 298), bred by stud farm Groot Malchenhorst and owned by E. Liano from Harkema, was the only one approved in the FB category with 48.5 points. This fourteen-year-old Grand Prix dressage stallion stood out for his durability and beautiful pedigree appearance with a very good gait and usable canter. He was introduced under the saddle by his owner and showed a lot of talent for the collected gaits.

Finally, the BP category. In this, 13 stallions received a breeding license with a first place and also day champion, the youthful Kornelis M (Franke BP42 x Souvenir) bred by M. Melsert and owned by M. Wemmenhove. Kornelis excels in breed appearance through his beautiful head and moves with a lot of agility and an excellent walk. He got 49 points. Two stallions were lined up in place of the reserve champion. Normally, the highest score for breed is used to decide who finishes higher, but in this unique case both stallions had exactly the same points on all parts. Something that has never happened before at BPS inspections. Therefore two reserve champions, namely Kobus van de Voorsprong (Gambo BP46 x Ulke 338) bred and owned by L. Wemmenhove from Zuidwolde and Imposant fan Dijkmaniastate (Zotirco x Sierk 326) who lived up to his name because of his enormous front. Breeder and owner is D. Dijkman from Marsum. Both somewhat classic-looking stallions with a strong trot and a lot of breed appearance and size. They both received 46.5 points.

Kick van de Voorsprong (Gambo BP46 x Willem van Nassau) was lined up third. Owner and breeder is L. Wemmenhove from Zuidwolde. Kick is a tough stallion who can still gain some confidence; he was still a bit tense, but nevertheless achieved 45.5 points, partly due to his eights on race, conformation and feet and legs.

Claus van de Nes (Bontfire XX06 x Jillis 301) bred by H. Nijzingh and owned by M. van Summeren from Stramproy scored 45 points. This beautiful ten-year-old stallion stood out for his enormously long mane and top condition. The stallion has a nice forequarter with a long neck and good withers. He could have a little more flexibility in movement. This stallion has previously achieved an IBOP with a positive end result.

The following stallions all received 44 points:

-Koris fan Fraithwen (Ringo x Beart 411), breeder and owner I. and G. Garbett from Newtown, Great Britain. A long-lined, youthful stallion with good technique in the trot and hard legs of which the foreleg could have a little more length.

-Kristian van de Voorsprong (Fabian BP43 x Bontfire XX06) bred and owned by L. Wemmenhove from Zuidwolde. Beautiful variegated stallion with a strong build and a lot of breed appearance which could show a little more body use in the canter.

-Gino van de Grenzsicht (Gregor van Emden x Willem van Nassau) bred by H. Beckmann and owned by T. Vermanen from Herwijnen. This long-lined stallion, still slightly green, has an easy way of moving with good technique, but still lacks some power.

-Teun van Wiske MP (Daimond x Hinne 427), breeder and owner M. Postma from Húns. Well-bred and well-developed, large-framed horse with much scope and power in the trot and an upward canter. In walk the stallion was allowed to show more body use.

-Jekko fan Dijkmaniastate (Zotirco x Andries 415) bred and owned by D. Dijkman from Marsum. Sturdy stallion with three good basic gaits with an 8 on the trot. He was slightly tense, which caused him to move slightly downwards, otherwise he might have scored even higher. This stallion has to give up a bit on construction, he could be a bit stronger in the topline.

-Ivanhoe van ’t Stamhuus (De Luuk Ster43 x Harry Ster12BP) bred by H.P.C.Hendriks and owned by K. Voetelink, Nieuw Vennep. Beautiful stallion with a beautiful front which moves technically well. The back could be stronger, but the stallion does have good crotch length.

There were 43 points for Jeminee fan Dijkmaniastate (Zotirco x Tsjalle 454), breeder and owner D. Dijkman from Marsum. A stallion with a beautiful forehand and an active use of the hind leg in the trot. The topline could be stronger.

Joker fan Dijkmaniastate (Zotirco x Jasper 366), also owned and bred by D. Dijkman from Marsum, got 42 points. Just like his predecessor, the well-developed four-year-old stallion could be stronger in the topline, but especially in the trot he appreciated himself enormously and received an 8.5 for this. Lots of suppleness and strong hind leg use with a lot of rhythm and regularity.

Kashmir MLK (Gambo BP46 x Willem van Nassau), bred and still owned by F. Melk, also received a breeding certificate with 41 points and became a registered stallion. This beautiful, plate-coloured stallion has an active hind leg and a lot of expression, but could have more development in the middle and hindquarters.

There were also six already approved stallions that were presented and on which jury members Gerrit Stelwagen, Marjolein Betten-de Jong and aspiring jury member Nina Tuinman set their eyes. The stallions present were Ieme BP60, Heino BP63, IJsbrand BP64, Jidde BP74, Jarno BP75 and Jaro BP76. The stallion Jaro was eventually declared champion here with Jidde in second place. All stallions were praised for their development, ‘they all grow into it nicely.’ Jaro and Jidde also showed themselves under the saddle and both are doing well in their training, they are fine horses for use and show a lot of talent.

The AES approved UCS Vantage (Visage van de O x Sempatico M.) of M. Feys from Belgium was also shown to the jury and because it is already AES approved. As a result, he is now also recognized by the Baroque Pinto studbook.

All in all a great day with a good audience and a great result! Thanks to everyone who made this day possible. Congratulations to breeders and owners and good luck with your stallion(s)!

Below the new names of the registered stallions:

Kadanz et Forti SHS                                      Kadanz XX41

Pokerface                                                         Pokerface XX42

Doede fan groot Malckenhorst                   Doede FB32


Gino van de Grenszicht                                 Kees BP82

Koris fan Fraithwen                                       Kors BP83

Jekko fan Dijkmaniastate                             Jekko BP84

Teun van de Wiske M.P.                               Jorryt BP85

Ivanhoe fan ’t Stamhuus                              Ivan BP86

Kristian van de Voorsprong                         Kristian BP87

Claus van de Nes                                            Claus BP88

Kick van de Voorsprong                                Kick BP89

Kobus van de Voorsprong                             Kobus BP90

Imposant fan Dijkmaniastate                       Imposant BP91

Kornelis M.                                                       Kornelis BP92


Jeminee fan Dijkmaniastate                        Jeminee BP Ster 81

Joker fan Dijkmaniastate                             Joker BP Ster 82


Kashmir MLK                                                  Kashmir Register Hengst





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