Willem van Nassau cup 2.0

The battle for the Willem van Nassau cup 2.0 has now started! This concerns an entire online competition which is open to participants with and without a starting pass. The first round has been run and good scores have already been achieved. The first round was judged by Nicole de Leeuw, a ZZ-Licht jury member who is also active up to and including Subtop level. She has provided combinations with instructive feedback, which everyone can use again.

We received over thirty videos of enthusiastic Barock Pinto combinations! It is nice to see that the Barock Pinto breed is increasingly represented between the white trellises. Most of the videos for round 2 have already been received and the second interim result will follow around October 1. The third (and final) round will run until October 15. The final result will be announced at the end of October!

A champion and reserve champion will be declared for the classes B / L / M and Z (including ZZ light) dressage … and of course an OVERALL champion! The OVERALL champion will take home the Willem van Nassau trophy, but more cool prizes will be made available…. Including a photo shoot by top photographer Annie Damhof for the overall champion, a BP jacket for the class champions and a BP cover for our reserve class champions! We are also giving away an incentive prize: a lesson from Hennie Roffel for a talented combination!

This combination is chosen by the three jury members together! The Barock Pinto sports committee is looking forward to a sporty and positive course of this online competition and wishes all participants good luck with the submission for round 3!

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