Great spirit during Barock Pinto inspection in Denmark

Saturday September 29th 2018

Judges Gerrit Stelwagen and Rinze van Teijen traveled to the beautiful Denmark during the last weekend of September.

The inspection day started with the presentation of filly Inaja (f. Constantijn BP18, owner: Inger Kristensen). Inaja showed very good movements and received a first premium with 44,5 points.

The category of yearlings had three participants. Helena af Bette Musted (f. Constantijn BP18, owner: Charlotte F. Mikkelsen and Kim Tomsen) presented herself the best. She showed the best movements, with a very suppleness in her trot. Helena is modernly built and shows a nice front, said Gerrit Stelwagen. This filly also became the champion of the day!

Yearling filly Hera Barock West (f. Constantijn, owner: Inger Kristensen) and half-brother colt Hector Barock West (f. Constantijn, owner: Line Lillelund) were both presented very decently and received a second and first premium, respectively.

The two-year-old category contained three horses to be presented to the judges. This was a nice group with very different participants. They were all awarded a second premium.

The day was concluded with the mares, ages three and older. Stand-out in the group was mare

Amazing Milak van Sortemosegaard (owner: Karina Retsborg). This mare is a daughter of gone too soon stallion Colorance XX03. She was also the champion of the Danish inspection three years ago. She presented her great movements and was rewarded with 44,5 points, giving her a first premium and a provisionally Elite predicate.

Madelon fan Teakesyl (f. Mewes 438, owner: Line Lillelund) was inspected in the FB type. The mare was noticed through her easy movements while trotting. She showed much connection in her upper line and croup. This resulted in a first premium with 43,5 points. Mare Ima-Chik van Nikala (f. Kallestrups Marikles O Shar Pin 70, owner: Lisbeth Krogh Hedegaard) is a nice sized mare, standing at 1.70 m. She presented with an easy walk and trot, but could still develop some more power, according to the judges. The mare was rewarded with a Ster second premium at 40,5 points. Mare Smilla (f. Dennis, owner: Amanda Christensen) was admitted to the studbook with a third premium and 38 points. Last in the ring was large mare Whitney Lightfoot (owner: Lisbeth Krogh Hedegaard), which was inspected in the XX type. She is a daughter of Soholm Wyattearp PIH59, so very interesting for the crossbreeding program. Whitney Lightfoot received a second premium with 40,5 points.

This was a very successful day with a great crowd and much interest from spectators. We thank Denmark for their organization and hope to be back next year!

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