Gebbe Ster 75

Gebbe Ster 75 Owner: M. Zuyderwijk, Schiedam (NL). Tel: +31 (0)6 40557251 Website: The stallion is more than sufficiently appealing and strongly muscled. The steps are generous with tact and regularity. In the trot we would like to see more scope with more impulsion from the hindleg. He has dry legs which are correct. A […]

Ivano BP65

Ivano BP65 Owner: L. Koopmans, Zuidwolde (NL) Tel: +31 (0)6 10957395 Website: The generously developed stallion radiates power and paternalism. He walks well with a lot of tact and power. In the trot he shows a lot of front, scope and a very powerful hind leg use. The legs have a lot of length, hardness […]

Ijsbrand BP64

Ijsbrand BP64 Owner: E. van der Veen, Assen (NL) Tel: +31 (0)6 54754572 Website: The stallion is well built and still shows very youthfulness. He walks with sufficient scope and tact. In the trot he shows race with a nice carriage. There is a lot of space that still needs to gain some strength. The […]

Heino BP63

Heino BP63 Owner: M. Vanderlocht, Beringen (BE) Tel: +32 475377560 Website: The stallion has a luxurious appearance. The walk has tact but could be even wider in the relaxation. In the trot the stallion shows a nice carriage and a strong use of the hind leg. The stallion is blessed with very hard and correct […]

Drikus BP62

Drikus BP62 Owner: B. van Es, Marum (NL) Tel: +31 (0)6 15446428 Website: The stallion showed a nice front and a solid type. He has sufficient scope but could be a little more powerful. In the trot he shows a lot of self-carriage and shows a powerful movement. The leg work is a bit heavy […]

Ieme BP60

Ieme BP60 Owner: H. de Ruiter, Bantega (NL) Tel: +31 (0)6 29424700 Website: The stallion is more than sufficiently developed and radiates power. The walk is more than sufficient if the stallion relaxes. The trot has a powerful hind leg with use of the jump. But the front leg could show a little more room […]

Florian BP59

Florian BP59 Owner: P. Pedrazzini, Cavagliá (IT) Tel: +39 3495562882 Website: The well-developed stallion shows himself as a real sire horse and is strongly muscled. The walk has scope, tact and power. We would like to see a little more scope in the trot and canter. The leg work is of good quality with the […]

Barock Pinto Studbook is ringing in the new year with a new website!

The new website is certainly modern, fast and practical. Perfect for the purpose of a modern and fast growing studbook such as the Barock Pinto Studbook. Behind the scenes, Nando Dirksen (from NandoMedia) has been working on it for a few months now. “The previous website had been in use for 5 years and was […]