Report IBOP and admission 16th April

On Saturday April 16, another recording and ibop day was organized by the Barock Pinto Studbook at the Sunrise Stables in Assen. Barend Buysing Damste and Geertje van de Veen stood as jury and Nina Tuinman joined the jury for a day as a candidate to gain experience. Four mares entered the job for studbook registration and there was one mare for grade increase. Thanks to the positively concluded ibop test, the latter became Ster with a first premium later that day. This was the mare Hayke van de Maaikeduinen (King XX02 x Monte 378) of Mrs. Sijbesma. A third premium went to I. Hailey (Elvis BP27 x Nanko XX07) owned by Mrs. Topma. This appealing mare unfortunately lacked development and movement. Juul van de Christina hoeve (Bontfire XX06 x Ulbert 390) of Mrs. Wemmenhove and Hanna van de Mokkenburg (Bontfire XX06 x Abe 346) of Mrs. Bosma-Deen both received a decent second premium. The only first premium went to Jena van ’t Koenraedt (Tymen 503 x Tsjerk 328) owned by Mr Koenders. This youthful, modern and beautifully modeled mare showed three correct basic gaits and got an 8 on legs.

After the inspection it was time for the ibop. Four of the five participating horses completed their ibop test positively, all presented under saddle.

The neatly presented Goiya van de Kolmanshoeve (Lottie Ster11 x Fridse 423), ridden by Mrs. Wemmenhove-Koopmans, received 63 points with a more than satisfactory score on all components. With this result, Goiya definitely became elite!

64 points were awarded to the appealing and willing mare Jolijn van de Voorsprong (Franke BP42 x Ulke 338) ridden by Mrs. Wemmenhove-Koopmans, who is also the owner. Jolijn showed a tactful trot with a fine use of the foreleg and a canter with potential.

Hayke van de Maaikeduinen (King XX02 x Monte 378) also passed her ibop test as described earlier and received 62.5 points. A neat and even test, sympathetically driven by the owner herself, Mrs. Sijbesma.

As last participant, Mrs. Wemmenhove-Koopmans entered the ring again and now she had saddled Jonas BP71 (Fabian BP43 x Bontfire XX06). Despite his young age, he was already a pleasure to drive and he also achieved a positive result with 63 points.

Result studbook recording:

  • Jena van ‘t Koenraedt (Tymen 503 x Tsjerk 328)
    • Breeder / owner: P.J.T.J. Koenders
    • 1st premium star, total 42.5 points
  • Juul van de Christinahoeve (Bontfire XX06 x Ulbert 390)
    • Breeder: A.M.J. from Lieshout
    • Owner: M. Wemmenhove
    • 2nd premium star, total 40.5 points
  • I. Halley (Elvis BP27 x Nanko XX07)
    • Breeder: A. Boek
    • Owner: S.A. topma
    • 3rd premium, 39 points in total
  • Hanna van de Mokkenburg (Bontfire XX06 x Abe 346)
    • Breeder: J. Tempel
    • Owner: B. Bosma – Deen
    • 2nd premium star, total 41 points



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