Baron van Odingastate FB01 approved on the offspring

The breeding committee of the Barock Pinto Studbook, consisting of mr. H. de Ruiter, mr. B. Damstee and chairman dhr. Gerrit Stelwagen, meet several times a year to discuss the lie of the land with each other. During the meeting last November, the previous year was discussed with under further the stallion inspection results.

After the stallions Peter BP04, Bontfire XX06 and Ceasar ter Linde XX05 have been approved by offspring, the FB stallion Baron van Odingastate FB01 was mentioned. This Frisian stallion was approved at the very first stallion inspection of the studbook in Dalen. The stallion excels in his excellent breed type, strong build and agility. A year after his approval, this stallion showed a strong IBOP and was approved. And now the time has come… Baron van Odingastate FB01 has 21 offspring that are approved! They all score an average of 41.7 and that is well above the average that the stallion should inherit. This can also be seen in the fact that his descendants have high scores on breed type and build.

Baron van Odingastate FB01 has always been in the hands of the great promoters of the association in the Czech Republic; Gabriela Mikutová and her husband. The stallion has two breeding sons: the Barock Pinto approved stallions Erick BP36 and Darius FB17 and also some valuable daughters. These sons are also very noticeable because of their strong build and beautiful breed type. The Barock Pinto Studbook hereby declares the beautiful stallion Baron van Odingastate FB01 approved on his offspring! Our congratulations go out to Gabriela Mikutová and her husband and the breeders, who always had faith in the stallion.

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