Emiel BP 57 approved on his offspring

The stallion Emiel BP 57 has been approved on his offspring since December 2021. The sire of Emiel BP 57 is the top sport stallion Alexander BP 13, who is also approved on his offspring and competes in Grand Prix dressage. The dam of Emiel BP 57 is the Ster Preferente Alexandra Fan Nassau (Willem van Nassau). In total, 34 offspring of Emiel BP 57 have been approved at home and abroad. He has a breeding index of 40.8 points.

Several first premiums have already been handed out to his children. Also, sons abroad have already been approved for the breeding service.

Breeding index: Walk 7.0, Trot 7.0, Canter 6.6, Race 7.4, Build 7.0, Legwork 7.1. Total 40.8.

The board and the Breeding Committee would like to congratulate the owner/registered T. Solberg from Norway with this success.

Chairman of the Breeding Technical Committee,

Gerrit Stelwagen

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