Emiel BP57

Emiel BP57
Owner: T. Solberg, Sandnes (NO)
Tel: +47 90778898

The stallion Emiel BP 57 is bred out of a dam with a good pedigree who has earned a predicate. the mother and grandmother were one of the first horses to be inspected by BPS in Norway. the dam Alexandra fan Nassau is also one of the first Barock Pinto mares to have a preference for her offspring. The sire Alexander BP 13 is approved for descendants with a good breeding index. He is also already running Prix St. George in the dressage track in Norway. The stallion carries 62.5% Friesian blood. Emiel stands out because of his very ruddy appearance that is fatherly. The legs have the desired length and hardness, but could be slightly more correct in the foundation. The correct movement has sufficient scope and suppleness. The canter has a good jump with sufficient suppleness. Emiel BP 57 already has an approved Barock Pinto son in Norway (Hendrikus BP 52). He also has already achieved a good breeding index of 41.2 points and a good IBOP. The stallion is homozygous.

Heigth 1.67 m
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Wa Tr Ca Bt Bu Le Tot.
7 7 7.5 8,5 7,5 6,5 44