Hendrikus BP52

Hendrikus BP52
Owner: T. Solberg, Sandnes (NO)
Tel: +47 90778898
E-mail: info@masithela.com

Hendrikus BP52 is bred out of a dam with a very fine pedigree that is incredibly rich in preaching. The dam Irene van de Zuiderwaard is also the dam of Edwin BP 35 who has been doing well in breeding in Norway for several years now. The sire Elvis Ster 56 has a good breeding value and, like his sire Alexander BP 13, is doing very well in dressage. The stallion carries 81.75% Frisian blood. Hendrikus stands out because of his strong build, youthful, calm and friendly appearance. He could have had a little more of a paternal imprint. In the movement that is very correct and with sufficient balance he could show a little more suppleness and scope.

Heigth: 1.60 m
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