Inspection Norway, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of September 2018

“The studbok chapter in Norway was founded about eight of nine years aago, with a number of very good mares. We can still see the quality of these mare at the inspection today, through all the beautiful offspring they have produced. They were all presented greatly this weekend.”, said Gerrit Stelwagen.

Day 1, Sandness
On Saturday the 8th of September judges Gerrit Stelwagen and Rinze van Teijen traveled to Sandnes to be received warmly by a group of enthusiastic people.

The day started with the foal inspection, which had 4 filly’s and 2 colts signed up. Most notible was filly Ivana van Soma (f. Edwin BP35, owner: T. Solberg). This foal was built very sharply, with a very breedlike print and presented great tact and regularity in her movements. It was not without reason that she score dan 8 in breeding type and construction. Colt Isaac van Soma (f. Maurits BP10, owner: T. Solberg) also stood out significantly. “Tonje bought this mare in the Netherlands and she was pregnant through frozen insemination by Maurits BP 10, which was sold to South Africa in 2017. Offspring Isaac is the very good result of this”, said Gerrit. Isaac is very impressive, with an outstanding upwards trot and much flex in the hock. He therefore received an 8,5 for his trot and an 8 or both legwork and construction.Looking at the pedigreed of the mare, he will become important in the studbook’s future!

With the young horses yearling colt Havana Bonito (f. Elvis van Soma Ster 56, owner: Yngvild Bjorsvik) entered the ring. He was rewarded with a nice second premium.

With the adult mares, 3 horses were presented. 4 Year-old mare Edelle van Soma (f. Alexander BP 13, owner: L. Sigbjornsen) stood out with her clean walk and trot, which showed great regularity. She was rewarded with a second premium and 40 punts. Blizz van Soma (f. Maurits BP10, owner: C. Conolly) reported fora n increse in predicate. Blizz has a strong build and striking front. The showed great improvement and was rewarded with 43 points and a first premium, were she had scored a second premium before. Her earlier positive IBOP provided a bonuspoint, carrying the mare to 44 and directly to Elite. Irene van de Zuiderward (f. Tsjerk 328, owner: T. Solberg) was pesented last. She was declared “What a lady, sixteen years old but going around lik she is only six!”, by Gerrit. Irene has a beutiful upperline with very strong legwork. The mare was awarded a ster first premium, provisional Elite, with 45 points, including a 8,5 on her trot and an 8 on her breed, build and legwork. Later in the day, she solidified her Elite predicate by performing a positive IBOP test.

After the mares, gelding Kiptons Oskar (f. Alexander BP 13, owner: E. Steinsland) entered the ring. The gelding showed a good basis in the body, but could have showed just a little bit morespace and soupleness in his movements. Kiptons Oskar received a second premium with 40 points.

There were 2 stallions presented on this inspection day. Kvitemyrs Gardhu (f. Aschlan Enghaven, owner: Tina Husby Nygard) came out first. This stallion slightly missed soupleness in his movements and presented just a bit tight in his upperlines. He was awarded a star second premium, (or star without breeding license). Later in the day, he performed a decent IBOP, which he passed. Figaro van Soma (f. Alexander BP 13, owner: T.W. Brikland) was presented to increase his previous score. He showed adequately long lines and was presented nicely. Figaro could have shown a little bit more soupleness and space in the movements. He was therefore not awarded a higher predicate.

The inspection day was concluded with 4 fine ridden IBOP tests. De keuringsdag werd afgesloten met vier nette IBOP-proeven. Stallion Edwin BP 35 (f. Alexander BP 13, owner: T. Solberg) is a son of now Elite mare Irene van de Zuiderward. He showed great expression and appearance. With a good canter, he showed great technique and flex in his hind legs. He concluded his positive IBOP with 65,5 points.

Day 2, Valdres
On Sunday September 9th, the inspection in Valdres was planned. Judges Gerrit Stelwagen and Rinze van Teijen were welcomed at a beautiful location.

The day started with the foals. This second Norwegian day also had 6 foals signed up, 4 fillies and 2 colts. Strongly build filly Isobel of Huntingdon FS (f. Albert BP 15, owner: A. Feurenhern Sanne) stod out with her good front and legs. Isobel was rewarded a frist premium and 44,5 points.

The division of youth had 2 contestants, starting with Hot Spot van Erius (f. Cavallo van Lid Ster 44, owner: M. Dahl Larsen). This stallion needs to develop his muscles a little more and was awarded 39 points and a third premium. Yearkling filly Harley Qiunn van Blalien (f. Edward Ster 50, owners: Lene K. Os/ Malin Louise Kaupang Os) showed a good base of breed and a strong breed. This mare needs to develop some strengt hand just grow a bit more into her body. Harley Quinn was awarded a second premium with 40 points. The owner and her father were proclaimed to be the best presenters/runners of the day!

In the category of adult mares, ages 3 and over, 5 horses were present to be presented. 3-year-old Fiona van Lid (f. Albert BP15, owner: I. Murati) appeared first. This mare was 165 cm high and had a nice front with much length in het fundament. Her walk was adequate and showed a good imprint. Her trot showed much free movement from the shoulders. “A mare with explosive movements. A mare for the future!” said the judges. The mare was rewarde with 47 points and a Star first premium, provisional Elite predicate. She was followed by mare GI Blues T.C.B (f. Tietse 428, owner: C. Nyhagen). This breeding typical mare showed a very uphill trot, but missed out slightly on her soupleness. She received 42,5 points and a first premium. Last up, was large mare Candy Crush (owner: J. Lid Lindahl), a 171 cm daughter of passed-to-soon stallion Doerak BP08. She was a classic mare with a spacious walk, just short of the ‘golden finish’. She received a second premium with 40 points.

The stallions were represented by 2 participants. Breeding typical stallion Gabriel van Blalien (f. Albert BP15, owner: Line H. Gangsoy) was presented first. He missed strengt hand development in his overal impression and scored a third premium with 38,5 points. 8-year0old stallion Dukes Dependable HotShot (f. Taffys Dependable Duke, owners: May Iren Flobakk / Jarl Wegard Roise) was inspected in the XX breeding type. The stallion is a good and steady horse with a strong build, that could show a bit more soupleness and space in his movements. The stallion has an interesting bloodline and also homozygous. Dukes Dependable was declared star with 42 points; His new name will be HotShot.

The day was conluded with 2 IBOP tests. Mare GI Blues T.C.B. performed a relaxed and pretty test, which was rewarded with 60 points. Second was mare Dieuwertje vd Heikant, who sadly missed relaxation and controle. She therefore did not pass her test.

Norway, thank you for the hospitality and the beautifully presented horses. We hope to see you again next year!

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