Report inspection Norway 2022

Last weekend our judges Gerrit Stelwagen and Simon Hoeksma were in Norway to feast their eyes. The association there has a new chairwoman, Jeanette Lid-Lindahl and we wish her every success in this new position!
Judging took place at two locations where the filly Mystique van Soma stood out because of her upward way of trotting with a very strong hind leg. Like some other foals she had the later approved St. Romancier KLV as sire. This stallion passes on foals with three correct basic gaits, a lot of length and hardness in the legs, which could perhaps be slightly more angulated in the hindleg. The stallion himself is black with four white legs, 1.71 m. and has a lot of hardness and length in the legs. In addition, he has an easy form of movement and a remarkably good character.
The stallion Joey van MK is a long-lined, long-legged stallion with a lot of muscling in the topline and a well-shaped croup. In addition, it has a nice way of moving.
Dirk van Driene had been able to enjoy his freedom for eight years and had only been in training for three months. Nevertheless, he showed himself well, but not optimally because of this. He did get an 8.5 for his way of trotting and for his breed type.
The stallion Oompa Loompa is a horse with a beautiful topline, a lot of withers and a nice long croup. In the movement he could be a little more convincing.

Malina van Soma, XX St. Romancier KLV x Emiel BP57 38,5
Mystique van Soma, BP St. Romancier KLV x Edwin BP35 46,5
Meidel van Soma, BP Maurits BP10 x Isaak Ster78 41.5
Milena van Soma, BP St. Romancier KLV x Edwin BP35 41.0
Mirabelle van Linnes, BP Fahran van Sahran x Cavallo van Lid 40,5
Mirabella, BP Albert BP15 x De Noir 42.0
Mon Cheri van Lid, BP Albert BP15 x Hedens Beat it 41.0

Mentos, XX Hannibal x … 40.5

Khaleesi van Soma, BP Edwin BP35 x Willem van Nassau 41.0

Jewl van Soma, BP Fernando XX19 x Bontfire XX06 47.0
Jasmine van Soma, BP Edwin BP35 x Tsjerk 328 44.0
Gloria van Soma, BP Emiel BP57 x Rypke 44.0
Hildring van Ceasar, BP Ceasar ter Linden x Ids 300 45.5
Hirvi van Wollik, BP Cavallo van Lid x Wibe 402 40,5
Graziana, XX … x … 37.5
Isadora Edwin x … 44,5

St. Romancier KLV, XX BlueHorse St. Schufro x FirstRomancier 49.0
Dirk van Driene, BP Bontfire XX06 x Brend 413 44.0
Joey from MK, BP Albert BP15 x Bontfire XX06 42.0
Oompa Loompa, XX Sir Cisco x Sambesi 44.5

St. Romancier KLV, XX Bleu Horse St. Schufro x FirstRomancier 69.0
Dirk van Driene, FB Bontfire XX06 x Brend 413 61.5
Hildring van Ceasar, BP Ceasar ter Linden x Ids 300 61.0
Joey from MK, BP Albert BP15 x Bonfire XX06 60.0

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