Results DNA hydrocephalus

Earlier this year the Barock Pinto Studbook made the decision to have all stallions, with Friesian blood, tested for the hydrocephalus gene. After many tests, the results are there. The database is updated with results. From now on, only the stallions who are carrier of hydrocephalus will have a red tag “carrier hydrocephalus” next to their name. 

Stallions that have tested to be carriers for this gene, will remain active for the studbook. The results are published to inform breeders, when choosing the right stallion. When using a carrier-stallion, we advise to have the mare tested as well. As of now, all stallions will be tested after approval. For stallions, approved in 2020 and after, not being a carrier for hydrocephalus, will become a part of the approval process. Carriers, will from that time, be disapproved.

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