BP Austria at the “E.U. Championship for Pinto’s”

Austria is a multicultural horse breeder country. Next to the typical national races there is also a colorful assembly of Pintos.

Especially for this breed an annual tournament, called the “European Championship of Pinto horses” takes place in the horse-competence center Stadl-Paura. This event includes several competitions for dressage, jumping and as a main part breed. In this year for the first time also the Austrian Barockpinto attended in dressage and breeding.

At the breeding our chairwoman Siegrid Seebacher introduced Johannes BP09 (Isam BP01 x Oepke 266) at the stallion show and became the “European Champion of the senior Stallions”. Hannes Ofner introduced the two mares Boukje van Emden (Bonte Bart II x Nammen 308) and definite Elite Artistic Touch (Willem van Nassau Sport Preferent x Ulke 338 Sport). Tanja Wallner attended with Sola and the Stallion Esprith (V.I.P x Samenco IB). Artistic Touch achieved the third place as “European Senior Mare” and Bouke van Emden and Sola – even on points – achieved the fourth place at the “European Junior Mares”. Definite Elite Artistic Touch also successfully participated in 2 Dressage competitions (class A – exercise A2) and ranked as third at the “European Dressage Competition”

All in all this weekend was a great success for the Austrian Barockpinto community. This breed is currently very rare seen on dressage- and breeding events. Also generality has just rare experience about this breed, our history and main goals. But the positive feedback what we receive from judges and viewers motivates to go further and showing even more presence on such events to make our loved Barockpintos known in every corner of Austria.

Written by Manuel Krammer (Barockpinto Gestüt Tainacherfeld), photo: Michael Graf.
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