IBOP 30th April 2022

Today, after the additional training of jury and board members at Stal Okkema in Brits, three horses were assessed on their IBOP test under saddle. All three horses completed their IBOP test positively.

Floid XX26 (Prins XX18 x Topspeed Perry) was the first to be presented by Sietske de Vries. The stallion showed a satisfactory test and obtained 60 points with the highest score on the walk, a 7.5.

Then Rianne Okkema entered the track with Grandiose FB23 (Ricardo BP16 x Topspeed Perry). This stallion walks actively with a lot of body use and trots with a lot of balance, suppleness and spring. The canter also showed a lot of quality and the stallion was well handled. The transitions in particular stood out as the stallion always had an active hind leg that comes under. This test was assessed with no less than 70 points.

Ferdinand FB27 (Michiel 442 x Harmen 424) with Wendy Okkema in the saddle also showed a good IBOP test which was rewarded with 67.5 points. This impressive stallion with a lot of bend in the joints was easy to ride and has three good basic gaits with an active hind leg.

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