Striking offspring Emiel BP57

ASSEN— The inspection of the Barock Pinto Studbook unfortunately took place last Saturday without an audience. However, the quality made up for a lot. “We are seeing a real improvement compared to inspections ten years ago,” jury chairman Gerrit Stelwagen begins. “The horses are really presented in inspection condition and the presenters also look neat.” The offspring of Emiel BP57 was striking. “We inspected sixteen of his foals, with an average of 42.5 points. That is very high, a generous first premium.” With the colts it was a real battle between two sons of this Emiel, in which Luwke van de Weiden was eventually declared champion.

Hard legs

The quality of the legs was striking in the foals. According to the jury, that was very hard with beautiful jumps. On average, the colts were better than the fillies, despite the fact that the quality there was also very high. Lobke van Paardenburgh (by Haike BP54) of H. Tornstra became champion of the fillies. “A thoroughbred filly, but she could have a little more development. The trot is very good with a strong hind leg. She has a very nice self-carriage in motion”, says Gerrit Stelwagen. In total she got 46 points. Among the colts, the Emiel sons Lambert de la Dix from M. Dix and Luwke van de Weiden from T. Joosten both received 48 points. “These foals were really evenly matched. Two very good long-legged foals”, explained Gerrit. “To arrive at the champion, we first look at the number for type. Both had 8.5 for that. Then we look at the trot, both had an 8.5 for that. Then we look at the step, both had the same number for that too. Then comes the canter and there Luwke had just half a point higher. It is a very sharply modeled foal with a lot of race, a beautiful head, a very good canter. He excels in movement.”

Older mares

Seven of the older mares appeared in the track, one of which could not be entered in the studbook due to incorrect legs. In the FB type, Gamillia (by Alexander van Boreel) was declared a star by J. de Vries with 42.5 points. “She is very nicely modeled and excels in walk”, Gerrit Stelwagen explained to the brown spotted. In the BP type, the five-year-old Goiya vd Kolmanshoeve (by Lotti Ster 11) of R. Hiemstra was the obvious leading number with 47.5 points. “She has a very nice model with a nice front. She is very well-muscled and has a good walk and excels in trot with extra attitude”, says Gerrit Stelwagen about the breed-typical mare.

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