Update Willem van Nassau cup

The battle for the Willem van Nassau trophy 3.0 has started again and how! A wonderful start to a now well-known competition with a partially new look. We received no fewer than 40 videos in round 1! How wonderful to see how many Barock Pinto combinations participate in this competition!

The competition is held over at least two rounds (round 1 or 2 and round 3). Round 3 is the final round. The final round is allowed online… but the participants can also participate physically! This physical moment will take place on Saturday, October 7 in the Sunrise Stables in Assen. Participating in this physical round provides benefits, such as a 1% bonus point, photos of Annie Damhof and personal tips and tricks from the jury! Participants, register quickly for this physical moment!

The first round has now been held and the interim results follow. The first round was judged by a real KNHS Subtop jury, none other than Corrie Rave. Corrie is very positively surprised by the level and quality of our beautiful Barock Pinto combinations. Great results have been achieved. Lotte Nefkens is currently in the lead with the approved stallion Jidde BP74 (by Ceasar ter Linden) with 69.50% (class L2). This is followed by Silke Jutting from Germany with the star/sport mare Anna Joska (by Tietse 428) with a percentage of 68.91% in the B.

Our thanks again go out this year to the Barock Pinto Studbook and various sponsors, such as Navy and Tan, Tess Bridles, Shiny Bling plastrons and Budihorse accessories. Great prizes will also be made available by Equishop SR. In addition to the Willem van Nassau trophy, the OVERALL champion will also take home a completely custom-made jacket from Navy and Tan worth € 749! The reserve champion will go home with a TESS bridle worth € 209. But there are many more cool prizes to be won, for which we would like to refer you to our Facebook page (search: Barock Pinto Sports Committee).

The Barock Pinto Sports Committee looks forward to a sporty and positive course of this hybrid competition and wishes all participants good luck in the preparations and riding of rounds 2 and 3!

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